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Cape Annon

Cape Annon is a peninsula that defines the northern side of the Gulf of Yulda on the western coast of Othala. It is divided into seven parishes, six of which are pledged to House Mellis, an ancient elvish family whose ancestors founded the colony 400 years ago and later won its independence. It is connected to the capital by a narrow landbridge, and steep sea cliffs surround the perimeter of the cape.

Presently, Cape Annon has suffered a blight and subsequent famine. For now, House Mellis (ruled by Ennion Mellis’ newly married son) has staved off any cases of outright starvation by distributing its stores of food. It has also agreed to absorb the College of Corymb, a wizard’s school that has until now operated independently of any parish, along with its surrounding land and peoples. Its headmaster, an elf named Curunir, will be made the High Court Mage to House Mellis in a ceremony after the congress of Cape Annon’s parish leaders that takes place on the autumnal and vernal equinoxes every year.

You will play as a member of one of the Houses that rules a parish and a descendant of one of Ennion’s five ambassadors-turned-vassals. We will begin on the eve of the equinox. House Ciryon hosts the congress and preceding festival at its great marina, and it is customary for the Ambassadors to convene four days prior to the equinox to feast and socialize. One day out from this year’s autumn congress, however, the patriarch of House Mellis and the Ambassador of (TBD) have yet to arrive. Most suspect the particularly severe autumn storms have delayed their travel, and in light of Cape Annon’s recent troubles, all seem perfectly willing to extend the festivities for a day or two if the congress must be postponed…

For now, read the history of Cape Annon and fill out whichever parts of this questionnaire are helful to you:

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